Why Invest in Cambodia?

Why Invest in Cambodia?

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Here are the 7 reasons why you should invest in Cambodia:

1. The Rising: Fast Land Price Growth

Cambodia’s property market is rising each and every year with a massive growth.

In Phnom Penh City itself the main capital of Cambodia rose an average of 15% this is caused by its strong economic growth as well as the passing of legislation of foreign property ownership last 2010 of April. That gives a clear signal to investors that they are on the right path on a secured investment.


2. Secured Assets : Freehold Foreign Property Ownership Laws and Long Term Lease Policies

Foreigners can own a freehold strata-titled property in Cambodia though with some certain restrictions like properties with ground level are not allowed to be owned or sold to foreigners but 2nd level / floor or higher is an exception mostly applied to condominium buildings.

3. Economy: US Dollar Currency Circulation

Although Cambodia has their own currency known as Riel ( KHR ) US Dollar ( USD ) is also one of the main currency used all through out the country.
4. Strong GDP Growth Development


Cambodia’s economy has been and consistently achieving a massive GDP growth over the past few years based from the TradingEconomics.com the Gross Domestic Product per capita in Cambodia was last recorded at 1135.20 US dollars in 2017.

The GDP per Capita in Cambodia is equivalent to 9% percent of the world’s average.
5. Strategic Location


Cambodia is located between, Thailand and Vietnam renowned countries with strong economies as well as China and India located in the center of Asia-Pacific region between worlds and largest growing economies, will have a big impact to the growth of the country.
6. Fast Tourism Market Growth


We all know that Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is one of the seven wonders of the world attracting tourist all over the world with its amazing view and historical value. Based from the tourism statistics report of (2019) that 28% of tourist mostly came from China.
Cambodia’s tourism is achieving an annual a massive growth of 14% over the past 5 years.
7. Political Stability
Cambodia has and had the same Prime Minister for more than a quarter of a century it is the longest term of a non-royal leader in South East Asia.
This only shows the stability of the nation that will be also one of the major factors to consider on entering on a country to invest to.

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