Prestige Homes Cambodia Celebrates Grand Opening in Phnom Penh

Prestige Homes Cambodia Celebrates Grand Opening in Phnom Penh

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True to its name, Prestige Homes Cambodia brings Prestigious Services and Properties to its customers. The newest Real Estate Company in Cambodia, they’re here to stay and have a large impact, bolstered by the excellent results of the industry during the past few years.

In that regard, Prestige Homes was honored to organize its grand opening on the 29th of April 2019. Starting from 5pm at Golden Tower, hosted by the emcee DJ Nana, they celebrated the beginning of their activities with a blessing dance performed by children from LRDE (Le Restaurant des Enfants de la Rue). The Chairman and the CEO of Prestige Homes Cambodia, Dr. Raymond Choi and Mr. Andrew Chong respectively, then explained their mission and values to almost 400 attendees. Vibrant Cambodian music will be played by Ms. Sokun Nisa, one of the most popular singers in Cambodia.

The idea behind Prestige Homes was born in the mind of Dr. Raymond. He knew the market was heading towards maturity, yet the offer provided by previous companies stayed the same. Beautiful villas were created, but there was no step further. That is, until he conceived what would become Prestige Homes. Boosting breath-taking properties coupled with top-tier service, Prestige Homes is a real estate company that knows its target: prosperous, successful people, who deserve the home of their dreams, the office symbolizing their greatness, and the land able to bring their vision to life.

That is why these people comes first and foremost in the mind of the Prestige Homes Cambodia employees. They strive for excellence at every step, and are not simply satisfied with meeting the standards of the industry. They have to go above and beyond, that’s the least that their clientele expects. Trained by leaders of the industries, guided by outstanding partners such as Urban Village –which they started a promising collaboration with last February, their mission is simple: be remarkable!

But how can they make this possible?

As they state: “Prestige Homes Cambodia was established and built its uniqueness, with a clear purpose of providing magnificent properties and unrivalled services, assuring that we can meet the demands and save much time and lots of resources for our clients through our experts with a broad network and diverse experiences in both local and international real estate market”.

It means owning the whole retail chain when it comes to real estate; being a one-stop solution for all real estate needs. They analyze, they acquire, they manage, and then, eventually, they rent or sell. It might seem simple, but proper real estate processes of such magnitude require professionalism and care. Prestigious customers like the ones Prestige Homes Cambodia takes care of are not simply satisfied with standard services.

They want to get the best places, at the best values. They don’t want to waste their time visiting subpar locations. They’re busy, and they need to be understood right from the start. Only then can their expectations be fulfilled.

Should you want to get in touch with Prestige Homes, feel free to take a look at their website at, give them a call at 023 8888 07, or visit them at their office at the Golden Tower on Street 215 (Nehru Boulevard), open from 8 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Saturday. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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