Prestige Homes Cambodia Celebrated Christmas With More Than 500 Kids at Children’s Restaurant (LRDE)

Prestige Homes Cambodia Celebrated Christmas With More Than 500 Kids at Children’s Restaurant (LRDE)

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In December 2019, Prestige Homes Cambodia team organized a charity event to celebrate a special Christmas day with kids at Les Restaurants Des Enfants – LRDE.

Dr Raymond Choi, Chairman of Prestige Homes Cambodia, said “We are so busy with our company events, though we still avail some of our time to organize this charity event to help kids who need support. Besides, we want to encourage other companies to participate in and support more charity events. What we did reflects how we show love and care to people around us and the society that we are living”.

Prestige Homes Cambodia Chairman Dressed in Santa

“Prestige Homes Cambodia emphasized on the importance of social responsibility which encourages staff to participate in charity services. It is part of our company policy to allow staff to use working hours to do charity works. Our purpose is to let more people get involved in supporting the community and become part of their habit” He added.

What made the day more special was the presence of Santa Claus that was dressed up by Dr. Raymond Choi. It was his second time that he dressed up as Santa Claus and brought the gift to kids at LRDE. Our Chairman and his family brought a lot of donations to the kids and staff at LRDE along with food, clothes, toys and other souvenirs.

Les​ Restaurant​ des​ Enfants​ (LRDE​) is a humanitarian association of international solidarity, which aims to help and sponsor the most disadvantaged children in Phnom Penh by offering them everyday meals.

Beside Prestige Homes Cambodia,​ many companies participated including Urban Village, First Gold Charity, Golden Charity, NextgenWell and Cambodia Legacy.

LRDE Cambodia - Prestige Homes Cambodia

Mr. Ben Li and Ms. Catherine Chan, Executive Director of Urban Village, contributed their kind support to the kids at LRDE by donating 500 new sets of clothes.

Mr. Russel​ Tizon, General Manager of Prestige Homes Cambodia, said “Every time I bring gifts to the kids who need love and taking care of, I really wish I can help more especially, I want to make their dream come true.”

All staff from Prestige Homes Cambodia expressed their excitement and commitment to continue their participation with the next charity event. This memorable event had put a smile on the hundred of kid’s faces. This small act of kindness and contribution also brings encouragement to local volunteers to continue their work to help the kids. Together we can make our society better.

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